Simple text editor with Lua enhancements

Current Version: CodeMAX 1.1.6 Download

What is CodeMAX?

CodeMAX is a simple and fast text editor with the possibility to add custom features using the script language Lua. By creating plugins with Lua you can customize CodeMAX on your own. For exsample it is possible to build a complete IDE for different programming languages like C/C++, PHP, Pascal or Basic.

CodeMAX supports syntax highlighting for many programing languages like HTML, Java, PHP, C/C++/C#, Pascal, different Basic dialects, Assember, SQL, Lua, XML and much more. About 300 highlighters are included. And if you do not find the highlighter you need you can create a new one.

The goal of CodeMAX: A fast and easy to use editor without frills. If you want frills, OK, go on and write a plugin!


Plugin capabilities via Lua


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Over 300 highlighters are included in the CodeMAX download. Currently there are no highlighters created by other users.




Project administration - Simple project file management
ToDo List - A simple ToDo list
Tools - Show ASCII/HTML code of selected text | selection to upper/lower case
Ruby - Run Ruby scripts
Lua - Run Lua scripts
BlitzMax (Experimental) - Run and debug BlitzMax source
UPX - GUI for universal executable packer

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